Turkish Crockpot Recipes

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Turkish food has the taste of the magnificence of the Ottoman Empire during whose reign Turkey was the centre of trade, especially for spices. They traded spices extensively with the other parts of the world who have adopted the flavors warmly. Eventually many countries have built turkish restaurant s to serve their people with the ecstasy of the Turk food. Sydney is one of these cities and Turkish food Sydney has grown immensely popular. By now, there is at least one turkish restaurant in almost every alley of the country.

Turkish Restaurant in Dubai

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Both are served on a bed of seasoned rice with grilled tomato and onion on either side. Two side dishes of your choice also come with the entree. Garlic potatoes swim in a lemony sauce, while “Special Potatoes” have a more familiar chili powder taste. The Mediterranean salad is fresh and crisp, consisting of cucumbers, tomato, and onion. Warm pita triangles are served with the meal, and work well with kebab meat rolled up inside. For dessert, baklava is usually on the menu, but was not available for review at this time. Instead, they suggested Cream Caramel ($4.99), a flan-type dish. It is wonderfully rich, without being overwhelmingly sweet, like a “chocolate volcano” from one of those casual, chain diners.

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